Monday, September 1, 2014

Achieving Goals while Overcoming Complexes

It's seems everywhere we turn today there is another news story, newspaper section, share post or tweet about major events in the world. Some people tend to believe that all of this was going to happen sooner or later. I will leave that for you to decide. Others think major world issues have arose due the neglect of many countries and their leadership failing to put pride aside. How ever the world views it is how they see it. I sit down after each day and ask "Self what have you done to better your self for tomorrow"? Knowing the daily responsibilities life has for people keeps many them removed from important external events. Taking the time to reflect on what happened in your day is important. Finding a place that gives us the ability to think clearly is crucial to our professional and personal development. The inability to think clearly effects any task or goal we want to accomplish. People tend to get side tracked by putting their energy and focus into people, places and things that hinder us. We form bad habits quicker than we from good ones when trying to accomplish a goal. When sitting down and thinking why this happens many things come to mind. We think of childhood dreams we had and the dreams killers that said we can't. I refer to them as Dream killers because this is their speciality. Suggestion and opinion is very powerful. If your still reading, I must be making sense and you can relate. Let's look at these dream killers. We see how over time their compiled opinions and suggestions on what we view as interesting and persuble in life in the long run has made us adapt complexes. When you become motivated to do something as you stop, if at any time you think about what someone said then they have given you a complex. We make excuses for why we can't accomplish a goal. The reality of it is we have allowed someone to mentally engraine in us self defeat before we even get started. Ever heard of the saying "misery loves company"? If so then people we thought were their for support are actually against us. Look at it this way if your doin better that someone in any aspect of accomplishing your goals people tend to treat you different. We can tell the ones that genuinely care and then there are the ones that continually make comments on why we shouldn't be perusing our goals and dreams. Only you can answer that for your self and the people you surround your self with. We stay reserved in our opinions so we don't hurt the feelings of others because we look at them as our friends. They are our friends and at the same time our foe's. Maybe by default because we wanted to help but as time passes we see us picking up their habits or feeling down because we choose to carry this weight on our shoulders called socially correctness. Their is a difference between being negative but hindering someone and voicing an honest opinion and then helping your friend accomplish their goal. When you have no more use for something we merely cast it aside and find something that helps us correct? Yet when it comes to people that don't help and hinder us we choose to keep them around for the sake of their feelings. Meanwhile we are drowning in the stressful debate of keeping them or ending the friendship. Look at your life as a business and know that business's do not succeed if the employees hired don't care. Try adopting this to your life and make proper adjustments. In closing it is easy to see that surrounding yourself with ambitious goal oriented ppl will effects us postivly and vice versa for non goal oriented people. If your truly adiment about accomplishing your goals then you will let nothing or no one stop you from succeeding. Countries align with other countries that have the same vision just like people do. Pride and not wanting to hurt feelings can destroy something quicker than it took to build. It's the small details that make up the big picture and whether or not were successful. Enjoy your week and I look forward to your feedback. 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Is summer ever really going to get here? When it does then how long will it stay. This random ass weather has got to go eventually sooner or later but I don't really know how many are paying attention to it. Its suppose to be spring rolling into spring rolling into fall or winter again. Some places have reported it being 32 degrees again in the last couple weeks.....doesn't really make sense to me. On a good note I was able to get a photo shoot done along with a video during the time I was at home. That went the best that it could so I am not really arguing about it. Does any one really watch TV anymore? Just wondering because I tend to not keep up with every one and what they bought so I guess that doesn't make me a part of the in crowd...but if I cared I would advertise it...just wanting to know if anything is on that's worth watching anymore? 

Everyone have fun on spring break and during Easter? Easter bunny let you guys fuck your teeth up by eating all the sugar you can handle? I don't really care your religion because were all under the same sun so I figured we all had a great time a few days ago...just checking. Containing thoughts has to be about the hardest thing ever. Emotions.......well everyone should have those in check by now but when i comes down to individual thoughts does anyone know that recipe? If so send those cooking directions this way...may help me a little. Just wanted to ramble for a little bit throw some thoughts out there that were in my current mind. Leave a message, link or something hope you enjoyed reading. 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Random Rant

Have you looked at and compared or contrasted the similarities of musicians and artists?  I look at it as being a painter with words. They greats through out our time have spent countless hours perfecting their Art. Pens, pencils and new technology being out brushes. We text, type and jot down little tidbits of info that we want to use to paint out picture for our listener. I say "listener" because we all are able to connect on a individual level. We do this through music it doesn't matter if it takes us back to a party or our first love it helps us revisit. The determination and dedication a artist puts into a painting is the same factors that artists should put into their music. Keep your goals set and blaze your own path. Their are kvetching 6 billion people on this planet lets connect. 


Monday, September 2, 2013


Taking a break to really thinking about the direction in music I want to take with my craft. What would you do if you were in this position?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Future if Rap and Hip Hop

Music is going in many different directions yet at the same time trends tend to repeat themselves ever so often. Currently the 80's epidemic is coming around again, listeners and enthusiasts are craving lyrical content once again. How are those artists that did not start this way will look if they try to follow the trend. Will they be accepted or not, or will another trend start to take place as they are starting to venture into it? I think it is ultimately up to the consumer in what direction they want the music of their generation to go. What are your thoughts?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What is music to you

Often at times we listen to music and say "WTF" were hey thinking. On the other hand we say "Shits dope". This doesn't only cover hip hop but every genre we may come in contact with if and only if you like it. Don't be afraid to be versatile in your craft or music selection as a listener or artist. To the artist take criticism as a way to improve your self. This is your fans we are talking about giving you feedback on what they like and don't like about certain tracks or you image. At the same time if this is working then continue to do it but remember to be flexible.  Listeners tell the artist what you want to hear. On the other side of the fence a artists album isnt a complete waste if one song you think was horrible. Remember all of us have emotions that come out. Some people vent but we vent through music so you get to know the real us. To me if one person could relate to a track or can reflect on what I've said or been through or a good time they have had through club, emotional or what ever type of song it is then I have done my job as an artist and connected. Be open to critics, ask random people so you get unbiased feed back and press on. Listeners you control the industry and obviously the majority wins. Help us help you reconnect.


"Go Grind Get Money Or Stay Broke"
Real Lyfe East

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 RealLyfeEast Spaceship Flight

Its 2013 and me an my team @RealLyfeEast are kicking it off right collabs and singles dropping left and right. Look out for us. LoSkiano, VA, Hiydrus, BlackSmyth, Da_Famous_Lyfe Tweet us at @RealLyfeEast, @Hiydrus , @Kaymobe2 , @BlackSmyth1 , @Da_famous_lyfe , @Loskiano. Email us at for collabs or features. 2013 is going to be a big year we just hope your ready. We on any my team strong. Lets get it. #RealLyfeEastMovemet