Friday, June 5, 2015

5 Compelling Reasons to Reflect Daily, and How to Do It.

Reflecting can be a great secret that leads you to success in many different areas of your life.

Once a day (and then some) I reflect. I try to look back on everything, from the day I had, my life, what I did right or wrong, and what just flat out didn't work. When I reflect on my life and form the habit of reflection, I always improve self and other areas of my life.

This particular blog topic came from me reflecting on how I accomplish this. I would like to recommend that if you’re reading this and you haven’t found a way to add this to your daily routine, you may want to develop the habit of reflecting. It can help in many different aspects of your life, more than you think

Here are a few.

1. You will learn from your mistakes. If we never look at how our mistakes affect us, we are bound to repeat them. This isn’t smart. Nonetheless, as long as we take time to reflect on our mistakes, think about what went bad, identify ways to avoid them, we can then use our mistakes to better us individually. When looked at this way, mistakes can become priceless learning tools, rather than something to feel discouraged about. Reflecting can be a critical tool when used.

2. It gives you great ideas. Inspiration for things I work on all spawn from ideas that come to me when I reflect.You can look at the current events in your  life and reflect on them. If you find that certain areas are not doing well, you can consult with people you know. If you find something has been a success, you then can look at how you got to that point, and can share that too. Doing this tends to spark new ideas which can be use or worked on later.

3. It helps you help others. The idea for this post came to me when I was reflecting on my day, out of nowhere, I said others could benefit from the same as well. In turn this helps me understand how I overcame obstacles, while helping others that may be faced with the same challenges. Situations I have faced throughout life and the military, have taught me that what I have learned can be used to help others. This is incredible when I think about the people that have come to me looking for advice and how I have helped or inspired them.

4. It makes you happier. When you reflect on things you’ve done right, when looking at your successes, it allows you to celebrate each one. This grants you the ability to realize how much you have done right and the great things you accomplished in your life. With reflection not in the picture, we easily forget these accomplishments, and will in turn change you focus to your immediate failures.

5. It gives you perspective. I get it; we all have lives to live. It’s easy to get distracted with the day to day problems we face. High pressure situations or tasks can engulf us at times. Taking a few steps back to reflect on the problems, and how they don’t mean that much, it will calm you down and lower your stress levels. In turn you will gain  a different viewpoint. This is always a good thing.

If reflecting is not in your daily routine, how would you fit it in? Here are some ways that will help you do that.

1. Start a one-sentence journal. If you have tried to write a journal in the past and haven’t succeeded, you’ll love this, Try writing down a goal or a simple thought you have in mind at the beginning of the day. When you take the time to reflect at the end of the day go and look at your initial goal.  You’ll be amazed when you look back and see a year’s worth of entries. The best thing about it is this will only take a minute out of your day.

2. Focus on doing it at the same time, every day. No exceptions. Even if you don’t make it around to starting a one sentence journal, try to form the reflection habit by taking a few minutes at the end of every day. Writing it down will help bring form to your reflections. Make sure you dedicate time to it every day at the same time and place, with no excuses whatsoever.

3. Exercise. This is one of my favorite times to reflect. I find it works best when I am biking or running. In that time I think about my life, and work. Some of my best ideas magically pop into my mind during this time.  If you’re not into running or don’t have another form of exercise, think about reflecting during an evening walk.. Just make sure to set a time for it daily and don’t miss it.

4. Think about your day, your work, your life. In this exact order. I like to reflect on my day, in this time I think about what I did that was right and wrong, and what I can work on. I look at work just to mentally make a note of how things went for the day. Then I take a look at my life in its entirety. This system, over time, leads to lots of improvement personally and professionally.

5. Blog about it. If you are writing about your reflections on your own personal blog, a group you belong to, or a BlogSpot account viewable by friends and loved ones, you will be accountable for providing content to a group of people. By sharing your reflections with others, people may start to read and look forward to them, this will create a positive pressure to keep it up. That is what I have done with this blog and it has been a great decision for me. 


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Barriers and getting through them.

There seems to be point in everyones life when a blockade comes out of no where and is erected from either the mind or outside influences, not to mention it comes at the worst possible time. Most of us will use the old tried and trusteed method of choosing to stay out of the way while it corrects its self, as if the problem will disappear on its own. The down side is this, we never end up dealing with the problem in its entirety. 

By this I mean sorting out the root of the problem and working on the outside influences that created it in the first place. I mean lets face it we have all been in the position where we have had the time to sort issues out in our head, plan them, but failed to follow through. There are a number of factors that play into this. 

I always had the problem when it came to following through, it was always my biggest obstacle. Conquering this I found to be more on the mental side of the house. When someone practices on an instrument or dance move they progress through the amount of repetitions they have completed. Yes practice makes perfect, but practicing involves repetitively doing something until you have a complete understanding of the basics. 

This all starts in the mind by envisioning what it is you want to accomplish. Napoleon Hill says this best in his statement: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. Armed with this he is saying your achievements can be brought to life and accomplished before you even say a word. Mind power is the greatest tool we have. Without it where would we be?

Earlier when I brought up “repetition” and how it relates to practice, I left out its sibling named “habit”. Many of us have habits, are they productive or counter productive to our everyday goals? That is for you to decide. What I can say is habits are only formed through the repetition, repetition is achieved from the drive we have. 

Drive is created when there is a need, this need in turn makes us respond a physically or emotional way until that need is fulfilled. Wanting something so bad that you will do anything for it make you “driven”. Students in school are driven to make the honor roll or deans list due to the satisfaction they receive, it can be anything from a increase of allowance to being looked at as a potential employee for a prominent company. What ever it is your looking to accomplish,  make sure you have an emotional or physical response and the rest will take care of its self. 

After you find your drive, “motivation” should be the next thing that builds within you. In order for you or me to get better at something, we have to be motivated to do accomplish it. This comes very close to “drive” as mentioned earlier but this specific involves desire. You have to want to do this. Motivation is when you do something to because on the inside and outside is telling you that you can. You have faith in your self and know anything coming your way you will conquer. 

What inspires you to do what it is you love? Is it the weather, conversation with a friend, or maybe you find inspiration when your by your self and alone in your thoughts.  There is always room for the underdog, they can never be counted out. Inspiration can be delivered to us in many forms. I was inspired to write about what has helped me overcome barriers by thinking about all that I have been through and this road in life for which I travel. 

Looking at a situation in a black or white manner is a part of the past. Everyone is resilient, everyone has the ability to think outside of their current situation. Going into something and getting one result and brushing it off, because you know it has no choice but to be better the second time around is remaining optimistic. 

What is encouragement and whee can you find it? Our friends, family and strangers can be the best supports systems for when we need to get through something. A lot of people are strong and independent, I bet even more wished they would have someone there to confide in when they were going through touch times, emotional or financial. 

There are many factors that plug into the world when it comes to  breaking through barrier’s and overcoming obstacles. I hope me sharing what I’ve used the most of in my life, helps get your through life snd your pursuit of happiness. Go forth and do great things and remember to keep is simple. Until next time. 


Thursday, February 5, 2015

How To Fly Lyric Video

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Achieving Goals while Overcoming Complexes

It's seems everywhere we turn today there is another news story, newspaper section, share post or tweet about major events in the world. Some people tend to believe that all of this was going to happen sooner or later. I will leave that for you to decide. Others think major world issues have arose due the neglect of many countries and their leadership failing to put pride aside. How ever the world views it is how they see it. I sit down after each day and ask "Self what have you done to better your self for tomorrow"? Knowing the daily responsibilities life has for people keeps many them removed from important external events. Taking the time to reflect on what happened in your day is important. Finding a place that gives us the ability to think clearly is crucial to our professional and personal development. The inability to think clearly effects any task or goal we want to accomplish. People tend to get side tracked by putting their energy and focus into people, places and things that hinder us. We form bad habits quicker than we from good ones when trying to accomplish a goal. When sitting down and thinking why this happens many things come to mind. We think of childhood dreams we had and the dreams killers that said we can't. I refer to them as Dream killers because this is their speciality. Suggestion and opinion is very powerful. If your still reading, I must be making sense and you can relate. Let's look at these dream killers. We see how over time their compiled opinions and suggestions on what we view as interesting and persuble in life in the long run has made us adapt complexes. When you become motivated to do something as you stop, if at any time you think about what someone said then they have given you a complex. We make excuses for why we can't accomplish a goal. The reality of it is we have allowed someone to mentally engraine in us self defeat before we even get started. Ever heard of the saying "misery loves company"? If so then people we thought were their for support are actually against us. Look at it this way if your doin better that someone in any aspect of accomplishing your goals people tend to treat you different. We can tell the ones that genuinely care and then there are the ones that continually make comments on why we shouldn't be perusing our goals and dreams. Only you can answer that for your self and the people you surround your self with. We stay reserved in our opinions so we don't hurt the feelings of others because we look at them as our friends. They are our friends and at the same time our foe's. Maybe by default because we wanted to help but as time passes we see us picking up their habits or feeling down because we choose to carry this weight on our shoulders called socially correctness. Their is a difference between being negative but hindering someone and voicing an honest opinion and then helping your friend accomplish their goal. When you have no more use for something we merely cast it aside and find something that helps us correct? Yet when it comes to people that don't help and hinder us we choose to keep them around for the sake of their feelings. Meanwhile we are drowning in the stressful debate of keeping them or ending the friendship. Look at your life as a business and know that business's do not succeed if the employees hired don't care. Try adopting this to your life and make proper adjustments. In closing it is easy to see that surrounding yourself with ambitious goal oriented ppl will effects us postivly and vice versa for non goal oriented people. If your truly adiment about accomplishing your goals then you will let nothing or no one stop you from succeeding. Countries align with other countries that have the same vision just like people do. Pride and not wanting to hurt feelings can destroy something quicker than it took to build. It's the small details that make up the big picture and whether or not were successful. Enjoy your week and I look forward to your feedback. 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Is summer ever really going to get here? When it does then how long will it stay. This random ass weather has got to go eventually sooner or later but I don't really know how many are paying attention to it. Its suppose to be spring rolling into spring rolling into fall or winter again. Some places have reported it being 32 degrees again in the last couple weeks.....doesn't really make sense to me. On a good note I was able to get a photo shoot done along with a video during the time I was at home. That went the best that it could so I am not really arguing about it. Does any one really watch TV anymore? Just wondering because I tend to not keep up with every one and what they bought so I guess that doesn't make me a part of the in crowd...but if I cared I would advertise it...just wanting to know if anything is on that's worth watching anymore? 

Everyone have fun on spring break and during Easter? Easter bunny let you guys fuck your teeth up by eating all the sugar you can handle? I don't really care your religion because were all under the same sun so I figured we all had a great time a few days ago...just checking. Containing thoughts has to be about the hardest thing ever. Emotions.......well everyone should have those in check by now but when i comes down to individual thoughts does anyone know that recipe? If so send those cooking directions this way...may help me a little. Just wanted to ramble for a little bit throw some thoughts out there that were in my current mind. Leave a message, link or something hope you enjoyed reading. 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Random Rant

Have you looked at and compared or contrasted the similarities of musicians and artists?  I look at it as being a painter with words. They greats through out our time have spent countless hours perfecting their Art. Pens, pencils and new technology being out brushes. We text, type and jot down little tidbits of info that we want to use to paint out picture for our listener. I say "listener" because we all are able to connect on a individual level. We do this through music it doesn't matter if it takes us back to a party or our first love it helps us revisit. The determination and dedication a artist puts into a painting is the same factors that artists should put into their music. Keep your goals set and blaze your own path. Their are kvetching 6 billion people on this planet lets connect. 


Monday, September 2, 2013


Taking a break to really thinking about the direction in music I want to take with my craft. What would you do if you were in this position?